Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good God it is September Already...

I had planned on a quick visit to the shop for Blondie, but unfortunately the day was long as she got new wheel bearings, a clutch cable, and a brand new battery.  I also have stocked up on a few spare parts, such as a rear wheel sprocket and fork seals.  My challenge will be to pack sensibly and also to ensure that the bike is not overloaded.

An old farmers' trick to remove the rear wheel bearings...

and by heating the housing, the new bearings will slip in and be secure

New bearings installed.

Bearings installed on a new Heideneau..

New brake shoes ready to roll..

 A brand new replacement battery, considerably smaller and lighter

I was asked to leave the shop area because I was asking too many questions of the technician.  I understand shop policies about insurance, but I have always quibbled about these policies. I wonder how one is to learn about the mechanics of his bike if you cannot learn from the experts.  I suppose that I was slowing down the process, however..

The showroom has a new F700 GS.  I find it interesting that BMW has decided to market a 700 and an 800.

This KTM is for sale.  A great looking bike, and I have seen good riders do some pretty fantastic offroad riding with this big bike...

I had made a deal with Gwyn Davis, the author/technician at the shop that I wanted a copy of his novel when it came out.  He had saved some copies for me.

Gwyn working on some bikes outside of the shop.  His first book, Moon Tanning, is available online.

A new F800 GS from Quadra Island in for its first checkup

I was unable to get away from Victoria with enough time to ride through to Tahsis.  I found a Rest Area near Union Bay where I was able to get a reasonable nights' sleep.    Did I mention that packing light and sensibly is my biggest challenge?  I have been leaving caches of clothes and parts with my friends and family as I have travelled this summer.  I am trying to gather all of this stuff and get it back to Tahsis.

As I crossed the Buttle Lake Bridge, a forest fire was showing smoke to the south of the lake.

After a summer of travelling, it is time for a shave and a haircut.  The hairdresser said that she would provide me with a note for the border guards, after I asked for a cut which took off 20 years..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Are you Experienced?

Labour Day 2012

For the first time in four or five days, I am able to sit down with my computer and carry on with my blogging missives.

I left Victoria last Thursday and headed for my sons' place in order to help him move his belongings up to Edmonton. While in Victoria, I was able to check out the new 2013 BMW 800GS at Island BMW. There are a few cosmetic changes that are obvious, and of course a colour change, but other than that the basic bike appears to be the same.

Looks like the alternator is moved to a more protective position..

The plastic cowling is reworked, presumably to give more airflow for the radiator., perhaps?

BMW has got rid of the paddle system for the signals..

The front beak is newly designed, and again it appears to be styled in order to increase air flow to the motor and radiator area.

The ferry ride over was much the same as all of the rest. I need to pay more attention to this part of the journey, and perhaps appreciate, or at least learn to see this crossing with a new set of eyes. Too frequently the ferry crossing between the Island and the mainlaind has been simply dead time for me.

On the mainland I stopped at a couple of bike shops to look for some tire and chain repair materials.  I checked out the new Triumph at a Langley shop.  Nice looking bike.

This first part of the move was physically demanding, and there were times when I wondered where all of his friends who were at his wedding were when the sofas needed to be carried out of the building. Fortunately a couple of good friends did show up to supplement the planning and packing which his Mom had organized in the couple of days leading up to the move. My son had ordered a 5 ton truck, and at first we thought that it would be more than adequate. It is amazing how quickly the large truck was filled with stuff and belongings. By late evening, with the help of a couple of good friends, the truck was loaded and ready to go, and the apartment was clean and ready for the next occupants.

One computer table was too flimsy to make the grade, and was donated to the local dumpster, after being rearranged for the trip down the elevator.

By Friday morning, we were ready to hit the road. My son drove the truck, and I drove his car. By Kamloops, it was clear to me that I needed a quick cat nap, and I sped forward to Clearwater and pulled off the road for a catnap. My son shepherded the fully loaded and slow truck up the Yellowhead.
With a number of stops, and lots of coffee, we arrived in Edmonton later that night.

A few days  earlier, I had ridden down from Jasper and passed this same paving crew.  At that time, they had a significant fire on one of their rigs, and all of the crew were trying to get the fire out with extinguishers as the tourists were driving by and gawking.  It would have been interesting if the propane fuel had ignited, providing many crispy critter tourists..

Mt. Robson was just about clear to the top..

Gord finally arrives in Edmonton, driving into the August Blue Moon
 Early the next morning, we were involved with helping move another household while we waited for the tenants in my sons' house moved the final amount of their household belongings. By noon of the second day, we were able to begin the process of unloading the truck into the newly rented house. My daughter, who lives in Edmonton, was a great asset in bringing some of the loose threads together. My other son came in from Whitecourt, and was able to do some of the heavy lifting as well. By early evening of Saturday, the truck was unloaded, and ready for its return trip to B.C.  My Grandson figured he could run the truck out to BC for us.

We tried for a family breakfast on Sunday morning, and then with some help getting out of the city, I started the drive back to Chilliwack with the truck. We drove as far as Clearwater, and called it a night. With a brief meetup and dropoff of a bed at the Paul Lake turnoff Monday morning, we were able to roll into Chilliwack early Monday afternoon.

I repacked my bike, which was waiting at Chilliwack,and I was able to make the 5:00 pm ferry to the island for a date with the bike doctor and a new set of wheel bearings and cables.  

Blue Skies, Blue Water and navigation signals...Port or Starboard?