Saturday, November 24, 2012

Boat Trip Stahllratte

One of the members of the crossing from the San Blas Islands to Cartegena has shared his photos of the journey.  Thanks Bill.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Rider Down....

Your full name  was Sthithaprajna Garapaty, and because I was such a clutz with pronounciation, you allowed me to get away with calling you "Sith."  I knew that you loved riding, and that you were particularly fascinated with your Sherpa.  I knew that you were a computer geek, as I called you and that you had gone to school in Atlanta.  I knew that you  loved hangliding, and that you managed to soar for a few days in Southern Mexico.

I knew that you looked after the details that the rest of us forgot, as when you made sure that the bikes were secured and tied down on the Baja Ferry, before the hurricane hit.  I knew that you weren't afraid to tell someone that their riding boots were high, and needed to be outside of the shared room.  I saw that you spoke Spanish very well, and that you took the time to communicate with people, and to understand what they were about.  I saw that you were sensitive to folks' abilities, as when you stayed behind with the two old codgers when we climbed the volcano, when you could have been up front with the young backpackers.    I know that you loved and respected your family because you made the time at the end of each day to call them and let them know where you were in your travels. You thought about your family, and shopped for a birthday present for your brother in San Francisco.  You were proud of your Indian heritage, and spoke frequently about returning to Hyderbad.

We only rode together through a couple of countries and down a few winding roads, two very different guys with a love of riding and a love of travelling.  I knew that you  were looking forward to visiting with your friend in Costa Rica, and both of us felt lucky to get the last two places on the Stahlratte's voyage  through the San Blas island to Cartegena.   When you did not make the rendezvous, I thought you had changed your plans.....

Your brother has informed me that you passed away on the beaches of Costa Rica, and I am very sorry that such a tragedy ended your young life.  

Rest in Peace, my friend....