Monday, February 13, 2017

A Winter of Discontent

Needless to say, the halibut line fiasco placed  a strong and determined crook in my plans. When accidents happen to us and if  we are wise enough to appreciate that the consequences could have been far more severe, life seems to flow a lot smoother.  Other than the frustrations involved with understanding how a bent front wheel and handlebars constituted a "written off" bike in the dealerships' view, I  was grateful that my injuries healed and that I would live to ride again.

I soon recognized that dealing with insurance issues for the written off bike, and the reality that IGOR, my Honda, would not take me to Mexico comfortably, meant a quick reevaluation of plans.  Aside from riding motorcycles, I do have other interests in life, and as the summer had proven, my hometown was certainly worth settling in for the  winter season.  The fine waters of the nearby ocean could afford some adventures, and I had one or two cameras that I still had a long way to go in terms of mastery.

"Not  a bike to be seen for miles...😒"

Looking west, out over Esperanza Inlet..on an early fall day.

My boat, the "Yuquot Warrior" has undergone a number of adaptations from her original trials at Friendly Cove.  She was beaten up pretty badly in one of Friendly Cove's famous winter storms.  I traded a floating skiff and motor for her quite a few years ago. She has a new Suzuki main and a Yamaha high-thrust kicker pushing her along.

As I said, I have a number of other interests in addition to riding.  I struggle with knowing that most of my children are camera savvy, and my daughter-in-law and son use photography and high end developing software as part of their making a living.  My saving grace is that I have been taking photos for the last 60 years, and rationalize my behaviour and results  by asserting that I am a slow learner...
Besides, when the fish aren't biting...

My fishing buddies, Dr. Jack and his brother Tex were struggling to put some fish in the boat as well, so we frequently checked with each other to determine what not to put into the water....

We were fishing not far from Steamer Point.  Here is a view down the Zeballos inlet..with the skies giving a good indication of the fall weather to come.

We would leave Esperanza Inlet that day with a couple of Coho and a gratitude for flat water and clear skies...

In "The Cut"  CEEPEECEE still hangs on to the side of the mountain.  At one time, well over 1,000 people worked here in a cannery, rendering pilchards.

My friend Nigel let us use his cutting table for our catch for the day.  Tex is pretty happy with his catch, while Brother Jack expected bigger and better. From  his years as a dentist in Tahsis, Jack knew that big lunkers lived in the inlet waters.

For two brothers with knives, they got along quite peaceably.

The hills across the inlet from my house are beginning to take on the film whisps of autumn clouds.

A good thing about fishing is that there is lots of water, and we tend to believe, lots of fish.  The good news is that we can still go out there and philosophize about the semantics of "fishing" and "catching."

This day, I had brought along a young Nimrod, ready to test his kharma against the wily Coho..

"Any Luck, guys?"

Further out, past Center Island, to test a new spot...

Young Nimrod was successful on all fronts: he kept the rod high and the line taught.

It took a couple of photo shots to help him understand the basics of fishing, however...

Always hold the fish in front of you and the camera, making your smile much larger...

I imagine there will be discussions between Dad and Son over the years, on this fishing trip...

To the north, above the Grease Trail from Woss lake, the clouds of a weather change were gathering and letting us know that Autumn is on the way.

The crew boats are taking the workers out to Kendrick Arm camp.

The original marina in Tahsis, "Nootka Sound Marina," is neglected and slowing returning to the earth.

My gardening efforts this year consisted in spreading grass seed, and I can tell that the birds managed to get more than half, saving me from buying an expensive lawn mower..

Another day, and another fishing expedition with my generous neighbour Nigel.  It is a interesting experience to be guided, rather than acting as the guide.

I believe someone in Tahsis has purchased this old troller from Zeballos.

Esperanza is my favourite fuel stop..

Another view down the inlet towards Zeballos..

A lazy otter was soaking up the fall Sun, and he was not at all interested in us.

Nigel's imported guide extraordinaire illustrated what not to catch...

Yawn, Yawn...

Is this a keeper??

Even with the famous guide technique of feeding the fish to the camera, this baby had to go back.

My friend Ed's place is looking good in the Autumn sun.  The red-roofed outbuilding was around when the Perry brothers were out here, many years ago.  Sea Breeze is a wonderful location, and I often think of Ed and his family when I pass by.  My boys enjoyed his hot tub 30 years ago.

Time and weather has worn a pictograph from the rocks in the Cut. When I arrived in this area, the painting, done in red ochre, was very clear, and used as a passage marker for the local bands...

Home again, Home again, lickety split!!!

We weren't skunked, with a couple of these guys..

Don B. was at the dock, cleaning his catch..

 The T shirt says  : "What do people do that don't ride?"  Needless to say, I thought SuperGuide  is a great guy.

Fall is coming on pretty quickly, and it was time to head up to my favourite lake.  There is always a chance of seeing the Elk feeding on the far side of the water, up against the trees.

Well, no Elk today, so a bit of a ride on IGOR out to the ocean via Head Bay and beyond.   Down Hsinit Inlet is one of the most spectacular petroglyphs I have ever seen.  I couldn't ride IGOR to it, so I need to remember to find that Eagle again.

Above IGORS' front wheel is the road to the original quarry where the limestone and granite for the Victoria Legislature buildings were mined.

Deserted Lake is a magical place which is off the beaten track.

  A number of marble quarries are taking advantage of this mineral, which is found in this area in a number of veins..

Down the Head Bay Road, near the Conuma Bridge, the fish were struggling to make it up the river.

Clear water, a sunny day, and a high tide was all that they needed..

You were warned about the gratuitous motorcycle shots, weren't you?

West coast rivers and streams are wonderfully beautiful and life providing, when they are not polluted or dammed.

The Elk were not out, but they were lurking...

Another day, and another whale in the inlet.  She and the sea lions were chasing fish.  Between the gulls and the sea lions,  I don't know if the whale was really satisfied..

It is October, and the air is beginning to change.

  1. The Rainbows which break through the mist tell me that the Sun is getting far too south, and the angle of the rays have little heat in them.

Definitely not a Canadian maple, but Red still the same..

Hmm...what is it...Red and you're Dead?

The ducks are gathering in the pools across the way...

The Boardwalk settles down for another Winter, and someone's memories are slowly buried by the alder leaves..

The sun is moving further south, giving us shorter days.

A good reminder of the time of year are the Hallowe'en fireworks put on by the local volunteer Fire Department.

When the makes the rainbows now, it is reaching our from and extreme angle, almost directly south down the inlet.

For those of us who know Tahsis, it is that time of year already.
Our community can be very proud of the attention that the villagers pay to our veterans.  Every year, rain or shine, almost all of the village turns out for our Remembrance Day ceremonies.  The local Junior Rangers do an excellent job showing their respect.

The snow is getting lower...what sort of winter will we have?

Time to work on some indoor projects..hmm a carburettor shouldn't be too much trouble.

Some clear days in late November, with the snow inching down Rugged Mountain.

 The Sun hardly hits the town now that it has travelled so far South.

There are mornings when there is ice on the inlet.

Those early morning drives to Zeballos are pretty dark. Thankfully we do not have the wood in the water like the old days..

A little carburettor work on IGOR should not be a problem, right?

The cold days of December bring clear skies and a Sunrise far down the inlet.

A company has started logging across the Inlet, in the Weymer road area.  The fallers can be seen going to work in the dark, and the saws echo across the inlet.

A reminder of the provincial vote coming up in the Spring.

Clear December days puts a halo on Rugged Mountain.

The days are getting very short...

The December full moon breaks over the inlet.

Nootka Sound Marina, neglected and abandoned, weathers another Winter.

You cant beat those Arctic highs which bring the clear skies.

Ice on the inlet is common these days

Larry and his crew make quick work of putting up a fence around the old Cedar Mill site. The smell of fresh cut yellow cedar is refreshing and brings a bit of order to the empty plot.

You know it is getting close to Christmas when the PAC ladies start advertising at Tahsis Building Supply..

A good place to warm the butt and share some scuttlebutt

Hmn...whats going on in town?

Remember the old post office?

Hello, Hello...anybody there?

Another full moon and clear skies..

A fantastic Feast at the school for the Community.

Guess which table got to the head of the line?

Former students, still singing their hearts out.

Karli and her girls.

Roy singing along.

Ronald lit up the street for Santa.

The Lion's tree had a full moon for company.

Rugged, clear and cold looking at the new fence around the Cedar Mill yard.

Road trip...

Time to move equipment..

Ice on the old Mill Site..

The pigeons miss their Church..

Time for young Nimrod to learn about prawning..

The inlet has seen better days for prawns

The Swans are back, and enjoying the Winter

Time for Christmas dinner at Tony and Judy's.  Maybe I will be able to contribute a few prawns.

Chris and his faithful buddy have come up from the mainland.

Well, not much luck on the carburettor.  Maybe a steering damper will be a cinch.

That does not look correct..

Too many pieces from too many different manufacturers...thank God I have an xrl specialist in the family...

Snow is on the ground and the clouds are low.  Winter is coming to the west coast.

Managed to catch a few before the fishery closed..

The good news about steep pitched metal roofs is that you don't have to shovel it.

The Sun is somewhere down in Peru about now..

Must be time for a swim, with that nice cold north wind..

Young Nimrod before....

G says we need a big fire..
Judy says it is time to go to Mexico..

Chris says not without my sombrero

Second thoughts...
Hmnn..wonder if he will float?

Nimrod did it!

Yes...he did it

Skating on the lake...I don't think so this year.

Where is that Sun?

Inuk is frozen in for the Winter

A visit to ZESS to see the boys practicing

Back to IGOR while the snow flies...

Someone needs to learn  the difference between fat bars and normal bars.

Shouldn't be any problem to move the battery on IGOR, or to set up a steering damper.

 Hmn...this looks like it should fit...

 Just take a bit off the seat, and a new Lithium battery should fit like a sock..

Now, where was I??

 Where did that carburettor go?
 Nice Rack, Dave
 Small is good, right??

 That steering damper should fit in here, somehow
 There goes the battery case..
 I think I just lost a 8 mm. wrench down there somewhere...

 Something is missing here...

I could not publish a posting on the blog without some motorcycle pics..after all.  IGOR will be patched together, hopefully.  The Sun is coming back from the South, and sooner or later the snow will be gone from the Island, at least.