Sunday, June 26, 2016

Homer to Fairbanks

After a tour of Homer, I headed north from the fishing town back towards Anchorage.  By early afternoon I had passed Anchorage and Wasilla and was looking forward to seeing Denali, the great mountain.  Unfortunately, it was socked in, so I kept going north.

I found a room at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.  At the Sunday market, there was an interesting rig from Britain.  It was some model of a Morgan, I  believe.

The Museum of Alaska is on the campus, and I found some interesting examples of Alaskan life.

This prehistoric ox had been found preserved by permafrost.

A diagram of the functions of a gold dredge.

This was the actual BSA motorcycle which Slim Williams had ridden from Fairbanks to Seattle in 1939.  His goal was to promote the building of the future ALCAN highway.

These guns were used on whales. It looked like they had a 2" bore.

The bronze Polar Bear looks out over the landscape of Fairbanks.