Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heading for Homer

Homer is due south of Anchorage. I have heard about it for years and many of the high rollers whom I guided Salmon Fishing have chased the mighty Homer Halibut.  I am looking forward to walking the dock and seeing the fishing action.
Homer has quite a history and a bit of a reputation.  It has been called the village at the end of the road, and the "drinking town with a fishing problem."  Some locals from Tahsis like to promote that phrase to describe our town.  I disliked the phrase when applied to Tahsis, and I suspect that it doesn't bode well for Homer either.

A nice view of the mountains to the South

Homer has an excellent harbour, with many charter boats and commercial fishers.

This is why folks call it the Halibut capital of the World.

I took a walk on the  Spit, looking towards the mountains again.

The Spit Beach is rocky....

with the odd signs of life.