Friday, May 23, 2014

More Planning and Anticipating....


The plan for this trip is to maintain some sort of budget and wild camp as much as possible.  I found that accommodations were a major expense during my last trip, particularly in North America.  Given that I am anticipating a wonderful Spring and Summer in Canada and the States, I see no reason why I need hotels and/or hostels. (Written during the middle of a westcoast downpour week.)

Ontario  This site seems to detail a lot of good camping in Ontario: .Parks Ontario

New Brunswick seems to have a lot of different opportunities for camping as well: NewBrunswick camping

The Province of Nova Scotia appears to have a variety of choices for camping, in both Provincial Parks  as well as others in the province.  While there does not appear to be much crown land to wild camp, there certainly  appears to be many campgrounds in Nova Scotia.

It seems that Newfoundland will provide the most opportunities for wild camping, as well as offering many provincial and National Parks. This interactive map of Newfoundland and Labrador will undoubtedly be useful once I arrive upon the Rock. 

TentSpace (AdvRider) This site has been very useful, and I have made contact with a number of fellow riders who have agreed to provide camping space and perhaps a hot shower as I travel eastward.

Horizons Unlimited Meeting  

I have attended four or five Horizons' Unlimited Meetings in Western Canada at the Nakusp B.C. site, and I have always had an enjoyable time.  There is nothing like hanging out with like-minded folks, who are eager to promote motorcycle travel as well as world travel.  I find that I learn very worthwhile life lessons every time that I attend.  I have also made some very good and long lasting friendships as a result of these meetings as well.  
Setting the Annapolis Royal meeting as a target for my eastern Canada ride will provide a focus for my ride, as well as ensure that I keep riding into the rising sun for a few weeks.