Sunday, July 8, 2012

A quest for GanG Ranch and southern roads....

 The Perfect stealth camp a few K's before Farwell Canyon

 I dropped down into the canyon...and was too busy riding to take any pictures.  Quite a road, and quite a drop in elevation into the river bottom.
 The erosion has created the hoodoos in background..
 A local cow palace. I wonder how long ago this was built, and how many cowboys have spent a lonely winter looking after stock..

 Made it to Big Creek, and it was clear that Mr. Garmin, and the tourist maps that I had did not recognize that Blondies small tank and half a dozen litre bottles of fuel were not going to spit me out the bottom end of the Chilcotin.

 Bigger canyons on the way to the Ranch
 Not a sould around the Gang Ranch.  The original Big House for the Big Landowners...

 Their ride..
 I headed out from Gang Ranch, southwardly.  I was hoping to hook up with the Road which would eventually spit out at Clinton.  No such luck.  I spent the next three hours wandering around the back side of the country.  I recognized a mud hole that i had crossed on the  Big Traillie last year, and Mr. Garmin said I was heading north, so I knew that I was not going to pop out of the southern end of the Chilcotin, not without a lot more fuel.

I headed back and ran into Calcium Chloride on the steep grades coming into and out of Farwell Canyon.  It was a combination of goose shit and diarreaha.  I was not impressed, and Blondie was soon caked in shit.  I took it slow, knowing that going down would be a disaster.

About 3 hours later I came back to the main highway, and made my way into Williams Lake.  You can see that I had upgraded my pop gas cans to a sturdier jerry can.  After two tries at finding dirt south of the Gang Ranch, I opted for some pavement for a bit...

 I found another nice camp site south of Williams Lake and called it a day.