Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Old Hometown still ain't What She Used to Be

After leaving my riding partners in Jasper, I rode south, first passing the narrow little beginnings of the mighty Fraser River, and then a short way onward, the small creek which becomes the strongly flowing North Thompson.

I finally succumbed to the threatening rainclouds and darkness by pulling into a motel in Clearwater.  I had been spoiled in the last week of riding with my family members, who did not camp or carry camping gear.  It was at the end of a very long day, and the bed was welcomed.

 After an hours early morning riding into the sun, I stopped at Barrier for breakfast, and checked the map for some dirt roads to cut east towards Salmon Arm and Vernon.  I soon found a route through to Adams Lake, a route that I had travelled with my son Gord three years ago.

I don't know if Gord will remember the Adams Lake mill, but I think that he should remember this stretch of the road, and the helpful people from Alberta who rushed him to the Kamloops hospital, as well as the ER doc from the Kootneys who just happened to be riding behind us.

I managed to find the Squilax/Chase/ and Falkland road which was an enjoyable ride across the mountains to Falkland.  On the ride into Vernon, I noticed that the RCMP had a moto cop on the road, and that a speeder had been pulled over.  I did not see what make of bike he was riding.
Tomorrow, I will head out on Highway 6 and make the run over to Nakusp for the Horizon's Unlimited meeting.