Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Time Has Come...

Well, the hairdresser took me at my word.  I am not sure that I gained 20 years in the deal, however.  I am not packing a razor, so I will have to pay attention to my image a bit more than I have lately.

My furry friend is fully aware that I am busy packing and he knows that he will have the house to himself for a few months.  Little does he know that I am cutting off the internet, so no porn for Willy.

Part of my travels this summer was to fine tune my packing and make sure that I have addressed any issues with the bike.   I took a tumble this summer when Blondie decided to take a dirt nap because my adapted side stand allowed the bike to fall over when she was loaded down with gear.  I was able to get another standard kick stand, and I added a foot made by my friend Dave, who also builds tool boxes and tail racks for the F800.

I have had new tires installed, and I am happy with the Heideneau and TCK 80 combination.

I had planned on adding "Peg Packers" as a way to supplement the 16 liter fuel tank on the bike.  After some consideration, I decided that I did not want to widen the stance of the bike, and possibly add to the chance that I could repeat a badly twisted foot from a couple of years ago.

Willy is not happy that his cushion and back scratcher is travelling south.

As I said, my challenge is to make some sort of order from the pile of stuff that I think I need to take with me....

I have focussed on eliminating any tools which are redundant, and also attempting to drop some weight from the bike.

 Some of the tools in the lower tool box took on some water this summer..

 My friend Garth will appreciate that I have eliminated two rachets and a number of wrenches from the tool collection...

 These are going to stay home with Willy...

My friend Garth sent me this picture of his riding buddy in West Africa, further emphasizing the need for keeping the bike light and manageable.  I am not sure that I am there yet, but the sand and the prospect of picking up Blondie have further motivated me to look twice at everything I am packing..

I had a tool-tube constructed this summer, but I neglected to make it secure and lockable. I had a local welder put a tab together so that I can now secure the tools..

I took a header into a bridge on the HighLine this summer, and broke the windshield. I have installed a new one, and have the eagle crest out front to protect me from further falls from the sky...

Tomorrow is the last day to get Blondie packed and put my house in order.  I have had some serious talks with Willy about parties and strange cats, but I don't think he is really listening.