Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adios Muchachoes

I have lamented on this blog before about the feelings of separation as I leave friends behind.  I felt very good about being able to meet up with Werner and Claudia and their friends in Alice, but as soon as Roobie had her new sprockets and chain, it was time to move again.  I have decided that I will not head north to Darwin, partially because of the heat and humidity, as well as I am becoming mindful of the big picture and timing for returning to Canada.  

Werner and Claudia knew of a special place in Alice Springs where the rock wallabies come out as the sun comes down.  We rode out to a setting near the gap, and sure enough, a few of the little critters came out, looking for treats.

While we were checking out the wallabies, Werner pointed out this spider.  Apparently it is called a  "Golden Orb", which I know my daughter will appreciate...

Random shots of Alice Springs while I wait for a front sprocket....

I wonder how the prawning has been back in the Inlet?

For those that are thinking it...especially the young backpacker who decided she needed to call Mommy and Daddy in Europe at 4:00 AM this morning, right outside my tent....Grr!!