Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Snow Angels

With that blast from the past in  downtown Gitanyow, I was off on Highway 37.  The Cassiar-Stewart highway, in my view is a much better route to the North.  There is far less traffic, and the folks who do serve up the gas and the sugar to keep this road warrior going are more pleasant and apparently less anxious to rip every dollar from my hand.  I had been to Stewart years before, and I needed to review those movies and see what new adventures this snow-burdened town could provide.  I knew that the famous Salmon Glacier was nearby, and I was game to see it.

I camped at Meziadan Junction, in a very pretty government campsite, and headed out to Stewart  and Hyder early the next morning.

The 25 mile ride up the valley was on gravel, with lots of opportunity to check out the wide valley and growing  Salmon glacier.  A number of working gold mines were in the area.  I knew that a Sky Crane helicopter was working in the area, as I had talked to the pilots in Stewart.  I really wanted to see this monster in operation.

On the way back to the Cassiar highway, there were a number of spectacular glaciers flowing into the narrow valley.