Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebration Time

Wedding Day 

What a wonderful time for all of the family and friends of my Son Gordon and his new bride, Natalie.  I have enjoyed this gathering of my family from Edmonton, Whitecourt, Calgary, Armstrong, Chetwynd and Chilliwack.  It is great to see my grandsons and how much they have grown, and to see my daughter and her squeeze. I value and enjoy the benefits which come from family, and I am always thankful for the time that I am able to spend with each of them.  I can feel the pull of my elders as I watch the next generation grow as parents themselves.

The newest member of the Gang

 My sister, and her first grandchild

 And another on the way....

 My grandson and his Mom... you think Dad should be riding to South America?
 Generations, and then some...
 Edmonton socialites

Natalie and Gord were married in a beautiful Chapel on Adams Road near Yarrow.  The old pews and the wooden interior evoked a feeling that their marriage was based on solid foundations and good worksmanship.  Their friends who acted as part of the wedding party were elegantly attired, and helped to emhphasize the beauty of the ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted with grace and eloquence, and the sincerity of the vows reemphasized the couple's love for one another.  

My Son and His Mom, and the Brides' Mom
 The Father of the Bride escorts his daughter up  the aisle....

The ceremony and the vows were beautiful to watch, and I was glad that I was in the front row, so that I could wipe my tears of joy away....

I enjoyed the symbolism of the Sand ceremony, where two differently coloured sands were poured into a third vase, mixing the two individual colours into a texture and composition which is irrevocable. I think that this demonstration of their love was a beautiful way to show their commitment to one another.

The Churches' garden  afforded an excellent venue for family photos. The weather was perfect, and it was again great to see the different families taking the opportunity to get group photos.

Soon after, the reception began.  Folks mingled, socialized, danced, and had a great time celebrating a wonderful marriage of two great people.

This celebration of Marriage has been a great way for me to anchor my travels, and for me to remember, evalulate, and to continue to reinvent myself on my journey.  I have been looking forward to being able to spend time with Family, and this Wedding for my Son and new Daughter has been perfect....