Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Old Hometowns

The Old Hometown(s)

My daughter and her band have had an incredible bout of bad luck on their holidays.  They barely made it to her brothers' wedding, with a major failure of their vehicle on the outskirts to Clearwater and subsequent rentals of vehicles.  After the wedding they headed out to renew their camping trip to the Oregon coast, and the vehicle failed again.  A major revision of plans has ended up that I  managed to catch up to them again in Vernon, and I was able to spend some more time with my grandson.

On the way to a 30th birthday party for a Falkland friend, Clancy, we stopped at the Armstrong pool for a quick dip and a bit of a chicken fight with squirt guns.    Great pool and it is great to spend time with my daughters' boy.  Close to 40 years ago, I lived in Armstrong, and as my Neice lives there now, I am getting to see it and her Family more frequently.

We were travelling in a brand new rental vehicle, the second one which my daughter had to rent in order to get their original vehicle fixed.  The computer for the transmission was still on the fritz, and another tow and another night in a hotel had pretty well done in her original camping plans and itinerary.  The rental vehicle was a Ford, and it had more bells and whistles than I had seen on a vehicle.  Later that evening, as the DD, I was able to drive it back to Vernon, and it was interesting to play with the onboard GPS, ambient lighting, and other techno quirks.

 I have tried out my new camera in two pools now, and the waterproof qualities seem to be holding.  I tried an underwater video, and while the video works, I had difficulty finding the subject..

We headed off to Falkland for the birthday party.  There was a large gathering of Families, and in addition to the birthday boy, I met the newest addition to Clancy's family,Payton,  and she is a beauty.

Brother and Sister from the same Mother.  These two look alike....

The party was a blast, and Clancy has a great Family network in Falkland.  He is a great guy, with a wonderful personality, and he is doing a great job of raising his kids with the help of an understanding wife.

We took a tour of downtown Falkand, looking at some of the bikes at the local pub.  There were a lot of bikes going through town, on their way to the Sturgis North event, which was down the road, nearer to Vernon.
 A nice looking ride in front of the Falkland pub..

Somebody has found a new friend...

 Grandma and grandaughter...

 Another branch of the Family...

 Please Mom, can I keep him??