Monday, October 29, 2012

Honduras Hideaway

The good thing about not having a plan is that everything that happens is kind of spontaneous.  For example, the plan to visit Copan Ruinas was straightforward, and certainly worthwhile.  I was very impressed with the size of Copan, the degree of restoration that has taken place, and the quality of the artifacts.

We left Copan Ruinas, the village, about 8:30 in the morning, heading in an easterly direction towards the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa.  On the way, we had a very interesting ride through  some mountains and valleys.  This region of Honduras reminds me a lot of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  There are lots of cattle farms, and everybody is wearing cowboy hats and funny cowboy boots with pointy toes, not that everybody in the Okanogan wear pointy boots..

On the way, we saw that there was another archeological pargue, and we decided to visit the ruins.
We were very fortunate that the resident archaelogist was on  site, and he conducted a tour of the museum for us, and explained the significance of the different Mayan artifacts.

 This vase was carved from Marble:

This reminded me of Buffalo Head Jump in Alberta:

 The pottery was exquisite:

 As I said, it reminds me of the Okanagan Valley...

 This pillar was the last thing many people saw, as it was the altar for sacrifices, so slaves and others lost their head on this spot..

We able to go in the tunnels that the archaeolgists had created  when they were excavating the pyramids.. very cool and very spooky...

After we got back on the road, we ran into a roadblock.  I played dumb for awhile, trying to figure out what these guys were after.  I don't know why they wanted to see out passports, and did not check the moto details.  Basically they wanted to BS about the motos, although they wanted to know  if I had any guns in my bags...I said Canadians are muy tranquillo, and don't pack guns.

We ended up getting sidetracked, and are spending the night in a micro-brewery and lodge somewhere in the middle of Honduras.  I think that we are near Lago Yagoa, and it looks like there are some very interesting sites to see and things to do, so it may take a few more days to ride through Honduras than I thought...